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The Penny Lane Cafe in Clarence is an artist’s work in progress

CLARENCE, N.Y. (WKBW-TV) — When you walk into the the Penny Lane Cafe in Clarence you walk into a work of art. Anne Valby has been an artist as long as she can remember. She opened the restaurant four years ago.

Every inch of the restaurant showcases Anne’s creativity. She says there is always room for more, adding “it’s awesome, it’s always evolving, it’s always changing, I’m always adding, always changing things around, adding more art, selling art.”

The bar is a “bejeweled masterpiece”. The Restroom is a “walk-in work of art”. Anne’s artistry is evident everywhere including the menu. Pointing to the large portion of spaghetti and meatballs in a huge martini glass she says “That’s our Pastini – with my homemade sauce-it serves one starving person, two people or twenty-seven runway models.”…. (READ MORE)


Penny Lane Cafe delights with artsy decor, tasty food!

Tucked away in Clarence, Penny Lane Cafe is an artsy establishment displaying quirky decor and serving tasty grub on a budget.

An outdoor seating area has unusual embellishments like tiki umbrellas, statues, bottle cap tables and chairs, hula hoops, and other not-so-basic furniture. The inside seating area is just as zany with strings of orange and purple lights brightening up the bar area and purple backlights highlighting the stage where there is open mic on Wednesday nights.

Penny Lane has nods to the Beatles’ song of the same name with chairs painted with sayings like “Paul’s Chair” and “George’s Seat.” The bar is decorated with beads, stones, wine corks and paint brushes that have been turned into swirling designs….. (READ MORE)


WGRZ Unique Eats Dines at Penny Lane Cafe!

CLARENCE, N.Y. – There, beneath the blue suburban skies of Clarence’s Main Street, sits a little restaurant that makes a big impression the moment you step inside.

Penny Lane Cafe opened in July of 2015 as the creation of Anne Vably, an artist whose eccentric and beautiful decor stretches from the light-strung ceiling to the piece-by-piece beaded bar. Her daughter, Angel, manages the cafe.

“Every little piece of this place you see is a little bit of my mom,” Angel says. “It’s her in restaurant form, which is really a beautiful thing, and I’m just happy everyone gets to experience it.”

Diners could probably stay occupied with a game of “I Spy” inside the bar for hours. And after peeking inside at the decor, diners can also enjoy meals at the expansive courtyard just outside the entrance. It’s a venture that has grown a lot in just over a year. ….. (WATCH VIDEO)

Penny Lane Cafe: A Colorful Addition to Main Street in Clarence.

Main Street in Clarence, NY got “more fun” recently with the opening of Penny Lane Café, 10255 Main Street. The moment you walk into this eclectic and visually stimulating restaurant, you can’t help but have a smile on your face.

The creation of Anne Valby, Penny Lane Café is like a restaurant wrapped in an art project. Every square foot of the establishment and two outdoor seating areas, are wonderfully decorated and is a direct extension of Anne’s colorful personality. The bar-area itself is an amazing piece of art, with so many fun features to look at while enjoying an IPA or a pitcher of sangria. The café is a family-affair with daughter Angel, handling much of the management and marketing duties….. (READ MORE)

Fresh food, family atmosphere at Penny Lane Café

Clarence got a little groovier this month with the opening of Penny Lane Café.

Located at 10255 Main St., the café is the brainchild of neighboring Van Gogh on the Rocks painting studio owner Anne Valby. She said she wanted to open the café because it filled a noticeable void in the plaza where her art studio is located.

“I have my art studio next door, and we were sitting outside in the courtyard,” Valby said. “I always wanted my own restaurant or café, and there was nothing here, and I thought this was perfect. There is nothing around here like this — especially for sitting outdoors — that’s not in a parking lot.”… (READ MORE)